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Systems Access

Departmental Security Administrators (DSA) set up and maintain departmental access to UC San Diego's computing, networking, and information resources. See instructions below before contacting your DSA.

UNIT DSA Marketplace and Express Cards
Graduate Division Kevin Waldrop Indra Perez-Hall

Teaching + Learning Commons,   Institutional Research

Beverly Randez
EVC units, OSD,
VCEDI units
Judy Keane Beverly Randez
Backup DSA Beverly Randez Judy Keane

Establish a Business Systems Single Sign-On

New employees are prompted during the onboarding process with instructions on how to establish their Business Systems Single Sign-On.

Your unit DSA will create new accounts for transfer employees (staff or student) and temporary staff.

Complete Required Training

If employee needs to: They need access to: Required training for access:
Reconcile travel expenses MyTravel Travel at UC San Diego
Process reimbursements, gifts, entertainment expenses & other purchases MyPayments MyPayments Training Videos
Purchase supplies, catering, etc Marketplace Index Informed Shopper
Marketplace (Contact your Fiscal Contact) Optional Marketplace Shopper Training videos
Monitor budgets / expenditures FinancialLink FinancialLink 101A
Assist with reconciling Express Card purchases Express Card (Contact your Fiscal Contact) EC Transaction Reviewer
View (inquiry) or edit (update) student records ISIS / TritonLink FERPA
View (inquiry) or edit (update*) employee records PPS Inquiry / EmployeeLink PPS Inquiry Training
PPS Update / EmployeeLink PPS Update Training
* Additional PPS courses may be required for PPS update access
Send furniture, equipment, etc. to Surplus CAMS (Contact Business Officer) Fast Track to CAMS
Campus Asset Mgmt Training 102**
** In-class training
Have unit access to cash deposit system Cash Deposit System Preparer Cash Handling (prereq.)
Cash Deposit System
Access to specialty business systems Cognos, SAM, Interfolio, (AP Online), Tableau, VAC, EASy Contact your DSA

Email Access Requests to DSA

Supervisor submits request for access via email to DSA with:  1) the specific request,  2) a short justification for the access need, and 3) completion certificates for any required training. Also include the name of another unit member who has the same access being requested, if applicable, for easier identification and duplication.


Reset Password or Resume Account

Reset Your Password? If you've forgotten your business systems single sign-on password, or tried too many times and now need to reset your password, follow these instructions to receive a temporary password. 

Resume Account? If your account has been locked out, or the above ‘reset’ doesn’t work for you, send an email to your DSA (see top of page). Indicate "Account Locked Out" in the subject of your email for a faster response. Temporary passwords are only good for the same calendar day in which they were created.