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To arrange a walkthrough with BKM or Pacific Ergonomics representatives, please contact Judy Keane, (858) 822-1161.

Furniture by Steelcase 

Primary vendor for large projects (minimum 8 - 12 weeks)

  • Tables, including conference room, meeting room, and office tables
  • Chairs, including task and side chairs
  • File cabinets
  • Free-standing steel and laminate desks
  • Bookcases
  • Paneled office systems

Furniture by Pacific Ergonomics 

Quick shipping option available for small order (2 - 6 weeks)

  • Height adjustable desks
  • Free-standing laminate desks
  • Sit-Stand workstations
  • Chairs, including task and side chairs

Ergonomic Training and Resource Fund

  1. Compete the Computer Ergonomics Tier 1 Evaluation and Training
  2. Obtain quote from Pacific Ergonomics (Dan Floyd) or contact Judy Keane for assistance
  3. Submit Ergonomics Resource Fund form
  4. Confirm your purchase by emailing the invoice and packing slip

  To schedule an individual or group ergonomic evaluation, please contact Julia Jensen, (858) 822-0294.