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Travel Resources and Guidelines

Before you travel on official university business, familiarize yourself with UC and campus policies, procedures, and tools. Information is available on Blink and key resources and tools are highlighted below.

For Travelers and Travel Planners

  • UC San Diego Business Travel Policy Highlights (PDF) and UC Policy G-28 Travel Regulations
  • Travel at UCSD: Process Overview (PDF)
  • Before You Travel review pre-travel information and resources
  • Obtain a trip number by preauthorizing your trip before travel arrangements are made
  • Review travel receipt requirements to ensure reimbursement eligibility, and be sure to redact any personally identifiable information from receipts
  • Connexxus is UC's travel service, providing a secure Web portal for booking university business travel that automatically applies UC-negotiated prices with airlines, hotels, and car rental companies
  • Business Travel Insurance is automatic when booking through Connexxus or when traveling for UC business within 100 miles of campus or residence; otherwise, travelers must register for coverage (coverage is not automatically added for trips booked in SWABIZ)
  • "Package deals" (i.e., airfare + hotel for one price) are generally not eligible for reimbursement
  • Student travel for official UC San Diego business requires completion of a certification form (PDF) by the student and the faculty member/PI

Business Purpose

  • The business purpose should clearly explain why the trip took place, and the benefit to UCSD
  • It should also include the name of any sponsoring organization and spell out acronyms

Ground Transportation

  • The 2020 mileage rate is 57.5 cents per mile for use of a personal vehicle for UCSD business
  • Renting a car for business travel (use an agency with a UC agreement)
  • UCSD fleet vehicles are available for business travelers who do not wish to use a personal vehicle

Meals and Lodging

  • Review the guidelines for Meals and Lodging while traveling for business
    • The UC maximum lodging rate for reimbursement is $275 per night, before taxes and mandatory hotel fees (or $320 including taxes and fees)
    • Claim actual meal & incidental expenses up to the maximum of $62/day for short-term domestic business travel
    • Per diem rates apply for international travel and travel to Hawaii or Alaska (claim actual expenses); use the currency converter to calculate reimbursement amounts
    • For travel shorter than 24 hours, meals may only be claimed if you had an overnight stay
    • Employees attending a local conference (within 40 miles of campus or residence) are not on travel status, thus there is no reimbursement for meals or lodging

Travel Card

  • Apply for a Travel Card
    • Submit the completed application (PDF) signed by the applicant and supervisor to the Business Officer for the Index Authority signature and final submission
  • Use your Travel Card for trip-related payments and advances – to keep your account current:
    • Log in to MyTravel
    • Find the trip number and select Create Prepayment under the Actions column (far right)
    • Under Payment Type, select Travel Card, complete all fields, and click the Submit button

Arranging Travel for Official Visitors

  • If traveler is not listed in MyTravel, add a new traveler account to reimburse non-employees
  • Use Connexxus to book and pay for airfare for official visitors (do not use Travel Card)
  • You can reserve and pay for a local hotel for inbound travelers
  • Use Lyft Concierge to request, schedule and pay for rides for visitors and guests

Processing Travel Expenses

  • Travel expenses should be processed within 21 days of the trip end date
  • MyTravel is UC San Diego's online application for travel expense reporting
  • MyTravel Overview provides a basic understanding of reporting travel expenses
  • Using MyTravel provides step-by-step guidance for claiming travel expenses
  • Travel at UC San Diego is an online tutorial that must be completed for access to MyTravel
  • Before processing a trip reconciliation, please review the travel checklisttraining demos & FAQs for assistance navigating through travel preparation, processing and reimbursement
  • How to add a new traveler account for official university business travel in MyTravel
  • How to include additional expenses for a reconciled trip
  • Use the Print My Invoice tool for copies of travel receipts booked via Balboa Travel or in Connexxus
  • Processing mileage claims
    • Use the "Mileage Only" trip type in MyTravel for claims of mileage, tolls, and/or parking only 
    • For claims of multiple trips that total >$75, a mileage log (Excel) is required and must include the location traveled to/from, dates, mileage and a clearly stated business purpose
    • Mileage requests that cross over calendar years must be submitted as separate trips