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MyPayments is an application for requesting reimbursements, ordering gift cards, or processing direct payment to a vendor.

MyPayments - No formal training, but training videos available

MyPayments (Meetings & Entertainment)

  • Meetings & entertainment Overview, Event Examples & UC Policy
  • Meetings/Entertainment should be processed within 21 days of the event date
    • If a reimbursement involves food, it is processed in MyPayments as an event
    • If a reimbursement involves parking only, process in MyTravel (mileage only template)
    • A host must attend a hosted event to be designated the host (not the same as a meeting coordinator)
    • ITEMIZED receipts are required for reimbursements over $75
  • Business Purpose:
    • Should explain the reason for the meeting/event – in other words, “why” (not “what”)
    • When available, attach meeting agendas or event invitations to support the meeting purpose. "Lunch with _________" or "Meeting with _________ from _______ University" or “Expenses for interviews” are not sufficiently detailed explanations – they explain “what” but not “why.” The general discussion topic(s) or specific purpose for meeting must be documented.
  • Select the correct meal type (light refreshments vs. a meal) based on time of day and menu
  • Meal Maximums:  As of March 1, 2016:  Breakfast: $27 | Lunch: $47 | Dinner: $81 | Light Refreshments: $19
    • Per person calculations include meal, labor, sales tax, delivery charges, and other service fees such as gratuity. Per person items do not include room rental and setup fees, media rental fees, china and linen rental, decorations, and other non-meal expenses. Excluded items go under “Other”
    • Include explanations and department approval for exceeding the policy maximums
  • Catering & Event Services
  • Alcoholic Beverages
    • The use form is required, and 2-3 weeks lead time is needed for routing & signatures
    • Record the correct account codes for alcoholic beverages (unit operating funds are SOFI funds)
  • Hosted Events: What to Consider