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Performance Management

UPDATE 21/22 PERFORMANCE APPRAISALS: Staff Performance Appraisals (SPA) for policy-covered (99) and union represented employees are ready for you and your staff to complete online. The evaluation period is May 1, 2021 - April 30, 2022. Evaluations and Overall Ratings are due to the EVCBO by June 8, 2022 in order to meet the campus HR deadline. 

Continuous performance feedback is important to a positive and effective rapport between supervisors and their employees. Pperformance management is essential to the success of employees, managers, supervisors and the University, and is a requirement for supervisors to complete annually.

Performance Appraisals

  • All Staff Access the Staff Performance Appraisal (SPA) system here: SPA Online System
  • Career employees receive a written performance appraisal annually.

  • Newly hired or rehired career employees receive a probationary performance appraisal within six months after their hire date. The written performance evaluation will be finalized at least 30 days before the six month probationary period ends.  

  • Managers and Senior Professionals (MSP) and Senior Management Group (SMG) employees do not have a probationary period.


The SPA system was upgraded for the 19/20 review cycle. If needed, a refresher training is available in UC Learning, as well as a Quick Reference Guide for Supervisors (PDF).

The upgraded SPA system includes the current standards and rating scale as set forth in the UCSD Performance Standards and Academic Affairs Performance Standards (PDF).

Your HR Representative will notify you when performance evaluations for your direct reports are ready for you to complete, and when they should be finalized.

Central HR developed Performance Conversations to help supervisors and managers conduct thoughtful and supportive check-in and performance evaluation conversations.

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Your supervisor will notify you when you may begin drafting your self appraisal, and when it is due.
You may choose to draft a self appraisal outside of the SPA system and upload it to SPA when ready to finalize.
If needed, a refresher training is available in UC Learning.

Additional SPA Resource:
How to Write a Self-Assessment/Summary of Accomplishments

FAQs for Supervisors and Staff