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Who to Contact

Table of primary EVCBO contacts by unit and function

Unit DSA Facilities

(Trav/Ent &

Payroll & Timekeeping Staff HR Student Employment
EVC Office



Judy Keane, x21161





Judy Keane, x21161





Judy Keane, x21161 Jenn Lansing, x63251 Gilda Smith, x40129 Jenn Lansing, x63251
Academic Integrity Office
Academic Personnel
International Affairs
Office for Students with Disabilities
Resource Administration
Stuart Collection
Summer Session
Undergraduate Education
Institutional Research



Kevin Waldrop, x47735

Graduate Division Judy Keane, x21161

Indra Perez-Hall,

Jenn Lansing, x63251 Gina Torgersen, x45677 Jenn Lansing, x63251
Teaching + Learning Commons Kiara Stinson, x40423
VCEDI Office Judy Keane, x21161 Judy Keane, x21161 Arwen Jamison, x25290 Jenn Lansing, x63251 Jessica Nakashima, x46010 Jenn Lansing, x63251
Black Resource Ctr
Cross Cultural Ctr
Intertribal Resource Ctr
LGBT Resource Ctr
PATHS Program
Raza Resource Centro
Women's Ctr